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Самые спрашиваемые сочинения на английском языке

   The United States of America is one of the  greatest  countries  in  the
world. It is situated on the North America continent and is  washed  by  two
oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic. The USA boarders only two countries  —
Canada and Mexico.
   This great country has a lot  of  mountains,  rivers,  lakes.  The  main
mountains are the Appalachi and the Cordilierra. The longest rivers are  the
Mississippi  and  the  Missouri.  The  climate  of  the  country   is   very
changeable.  In the southern part it is subtropical while the northern  part
has a very cold weather in winter.
   America has fifty states and one Federal district of Columbia where  the
capital of the country is situated. The capital of the  USA  is  Washington.
It stands on the Potomac river in the eastern part of the country. The  main
cities are located at  the  Pacific  and  Atlantic  coasts.   New-York,  the
largest city of the country, is situated on Manhattan  island.  Other  large
cities  are  San-Francisco,  Los-Angeles,  Detroit,  Chicago,  Phoenix   and
   The USA is a country of highly developed industry and  agriculture.  The
main industrial  centres  are  Chicago  and  Detroit,  with  their  greatest
automobile company "General Motors".  There  are  many  farms  with  various
agricultural products.  Grains, fruit and vegetables are grown  on  numerous
fields especially in the South.
   The USA is a country with great holidays, customs and traditions. It  is
one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world.

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