My Family

1. Family is the most precious thing for me, because this       is where I
  find love & understanding, & support.
1. Our   family   is    quite    large   by modern    standards.
1. It   consists    of four   people - my parents, my  younger  sister   &
1. My parents are quite young, about 35, & my sister is four years younger
  then me.
1. My father is a civil navigator.
1.  He spends most of his time at work, so the time when he is home in the
  evening is something special for my sister & me.
1. My mother is a teacher, & she has more time to spare than  my  father.
1. We share our problems & secrets with them, & they often give very good
1. There s often a lot to do about the house, but we are always willing to
  help with the chores, & everything is done quickly & efficiently.
1. Most of all I like our late dinners or early suppers, when we all gather
  round the table, & the light of the kitchen lamp creates a relaxed & cosy
1. We talk, &  joke, &   have fun,  because   we  are all
1. Sundays are also very nice.
1. If the weather is fine, we go  skiing in the forest in winter, or to our
  dacha in summer.
1. In fact, its just a small cottage on a small plot of land, but we like
  it a lot, & like to work in the garden, planting, digging, gathering
  strawberries & tomatoes.
1. But, if I were asked about  our  family  hobby,  I  would  name
1. Reading is a perfect combination of business & pleasure, of intellectual
  work & entertainment.
1. Thats about all. Im lucky to have such a loving & friendly family, &
  when I have a family of my own, I will try to make it work on the same

                        Me & My plans for the future.

1. Finishing school is the beginning of the independent life for millions
  of schools leavers.

1. Many roads are opened before us: vocational & technical school,
  institutes & universities.
1. But, its not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than
  2,000 existing in the world.
1. Some pupils follow the advice of their parents or friends, others cant
  decide even after leaving the school.
1. As for me I made my choice long ago.
1. I specialize in the humanities.
1. Social Sciences & English have always been my favorites, but my chief
  interest is law.
1. My dream has always been to become a lawyer.
1. My choice of this occupation didnt come as a sudden flash.
1. As a child, I listened to my aunt & uncle discussing professional
1. Little by little, I got interested in the subject & began thinking of
  law as my prospective occupation.
1. For me, choosing a career  is not only a matter of future prestige &
1. In my opinion, a job should be interesting & socially important.
1. That is the reason why I have chosen the profession of a lawyer, which
  gives plenty of opportunities to help people in trouble.
1. In addition I should say, whatever profession I choose to follow, the
  greatest pleasure will surely come from feeling that I am useful to my

                               My Working Day.
1. A persons schedule depends on his or her type of activity, & is
  organised accordingly.
1. It is rather flexible, & can be change any time, if necessary.
1. I will try to give you a snapshot of a typical day in my life as a
  school student.
1. The shrill ringing of an alarm-clock wakes me up at half past six.
1. I do not jump out of bed, but daydream for about 5 minutes more.
1. Then I do jump out, & keep jumping, pushing up, sitting up, & generally
  warming up for about 20 minutes.
1. Then a quick shower, & a very light breakfast - I just cant make myself
  eat much in the morning.
1. So, its a soft-boiled egg, a toast, & a cup of tea or coffee.
1. Then off to school.
1. Its the usual routine of classes & breaks, a longer break at 11 a. m.
  for lunch, & school is over at 1 or 2 p. m., depending on the number of
1. Sometimes I stay at school till 3 p. m. for some optional class or
  something extra-curriculum.
1. Then Im home, & its dinner, if I may call it so.
1. My folks are both at work, so left to my own devices I have what I
  manage to find in the fridge.
1. Then I fool around for an hour or so browsing in some magazine or a
  book, or listening to some quiet music.
1. After that Im ready for the most important part of my day, my work
1. I study, I dig up information, I solve tasks, find answers to question -
  do my homework.
1. By 8 p. m. I feel tired.
1. Fortunately, by that time folks have arrived, & we eat.
1. That is the only proper meal of the day for me, & the only time to talk
  with my parents.
1. Then an hour or more of study, some TV, & by 12 p. m. Im in bed.
1. Sometimes I have to stay up late, if I have some difficult task to
1. So this is it, in a nutshell.
1. Not very eventful, but its a working day, isnt it?

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