Created three since superfluous century back tragedies, historical
chronicles and the Shakespeare's comedies live till now, excite and shake
imagination of the spectators. The best theatres of the world and the
outstanding actors until now consider for themselves as examination and
happiness to put and to play his performance.
        Having seen such performance or simply having read the play of
Shakespeare, you want, probably, to learn more about that, who has created
these products. But it not so is simple.
        About life of the great playwright few items of information were
kept. Shakespeare did not write memoirs and did not conduct a diary. There
is no at us his correspondence with the contemporaries. The manuscripts of
the plays of Shakespeare were not kept also. We were reached some by the
documents, in which the different circumstances of his life are mentioned.
Each of these documents, even if in it some words about Shakespeare, are
investigated and is interpreted. As rare historical values those are
considered few  of a paper, on which the dramatists hand writes some
lines or simply there is his signature.
        It was necessary to put a lot of work, which we could read now
about Shakespeare that each educated man should know about it.
        William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in small English
town Stratford, located on to the river Avon. His father was the
handicraftsman and merchant. The story about childhood and Shakespeares
youth is complete of colorful details. However science cannot recognize as
their quite authentic. When Shakespeare there was by little more than 20
years, he   had suddenly to leave in Stratford. Young Shakespeare has set
off to London.
        Having appeared in unfamiliar city without means, without of the
friends and familiar, he, as assert widespread   of the legend, earned the
first time for life by that watched at theatre of the horses, on which came
famous sirs. Later Shakespeare began to serve at theatre. He watched, that
the actors in time should leave on a stage, copied roles, happened, and
replaced the prompter. By a word, long before, how the great playwright has
deduced on a stage of the heroes, he has learned hard life of theatre.
        Some years have passed. Shakespeare has begun to charge small roles
at the theatre later, which have received the name "Globe", which
performances were a success in   London. The actor Shakespeare and did not
become, but his statements about actor's art, and main, magnificent skill
in construction of the play, testify to amazing knowledge of the laws of a
        However, Shakespeare wrote not only play. His poems impressed of
the contemporaries also continue impress descendants by force of feelings,
by depth think, grace of the form. The readers can especially well estimate
Shakespeares sonnets, due to excellent translations.
        But the main business for Shakespeare, passion by all him of life
was work of the playwright, creation of the plays.          Shakespeares
hugely skill as playwright. Language of his tragedies differs by unusual
riches and beauty. Him the dramatic art borrows an honorable place in
repertoire theatres of all worlds.
        Exulting pleasure of life, glorification sensible, strong, brave,
brightly feeling, safely thinking   of the man - basic in the first
Shakespeares plays  - comedies: " Taming obstinate ", " a Comedy of
mistakes ", " Dream in summer night ", "There is a lot of noise from
anything "," Twelfth   night ", written in 1593-1600. In them the idea is
expressed important for epoch of Revival: the man needs to be judged not on
a dress, not on knowledge, not on estate and riches, and on his behavior
and personal qualities.
        It is difficult to find in global dramatic art the play same  
fantastically - cheerful, clear, magic, as " Dream in summer night ". Their
participation in to destiny fond results in a happy outcome.
        But noble humanistic the ideas of Revival could not win in that
severe epoch. In his following plays ideas of Revival too are expressed,
but the paints of the plays become gloomier. He represents collision of
perfect ideals a Cart of birth with severe activity. In Shakespeares
creativity begins to sound a theme of destruction of the heroes especially
expensive to him, incarnated light humanistic of idea.
        Young Romeo and Juliet- the heroes of the first great tragedy
Shakespeare (1594)- ardently love each other. The love them encounters an
insuperable barrier- ancient enmity of families. In an unequal duel with
century by prejudices, with the bloody and senseless laws, Romeo and Juliet
perish. But in their love, which has been not measured with biases of olden
time, the high moral victory is made.
        Shakespeares plays went on a stage of the London theatre "Globe".
The theatre "Globe" was similar on round detachment visited in by 1599 the
first Shakespeares representation " Julius Caesar ", has named theatre
"Globe" as the house under open by the sky. The visitant the foreigner who
has with a straw roof- he meant a roof above a stage. The name the theatre
has received from a statue of Oat-flakes
After statement " Julius Caesar " with 1601 on 1608. Shakespeare has
created the greatest tragedies supporting by shoulders terrestrial   a
sphere: "Hamlet",   " The King Liar ", "Macbet", and Othello".
        Danish prince Hamlet bitterly grieves over the died father. But
suddenly he with horror finds out: he has not died, he was kill. The
murderer- the native brother killed, Hamlets uncle- not only has inherited
throne of the deceased of the king, but also married his widow- Hamlets
mother. In tragedy is represented, as Hamlet in the beginning convicts  
hypocrisy of a criminal, and then and revenges him for death of the father.
But it only coronationed external events of the play.
        The tragedy draws complex and difficult meditations the boon of the
native man about a nature of evil, about vicious royal a courtyard, about
lie, concealed in palace walls, about illnesses, with which the century, as
if " dislocated in joints " is struck. Great Russian critic V.G.Belinsky
wrote about   Hamlet: " It is soul, birthed for goods and in first of time
seen evil in all of his foulness ".
        Hamlets loneliness is a loneliness of the man, which has
outstripped the time, is with him in tragically dissonance and consequently
        Last years of creativity Shakespeare (1608-1612) of his play get
other character. They leave from of real life. In them sound fantastic,
fantastic motives. But also in these plays- " The Winter fairy tale ",
"Storm- Shakespeare condemns despotism and, self-will rises on protection
of ideals, expensive to him, glorifies force by love, belief and best
promptings of the man, asserts natural equality of all people. Exclamation
of the hero by one of these plays: " As the mankind is perfect! " - can
serves a sign of epoch of the Revival which has presented Shakespeares
Shakespeare - author 37 plays, 2 poems, and also 154 sonnets, distinguished
by hot feeling sated by idea. Shakespeares creativity is one of tops of
art culture of epoch of Revival.
In 1612 Shakespeare has written last play "Storm". Soon he has left
theatre. Can be Shakespeare has gone through disappointment at the English
theatre leaving from of that great way, on which he conducted him . there
can be within silence he wear out plans of new ingenious creations, with
which and were not fated to appear.
        Shakespeare has died in 1616, per day, when to him 52 years were
executed. He was buried in Stratfords church native, where till now come
fans him of talent from all ends of the world to bow to a tomb of the great
playwright, to visit the house, where he lived, to look his plays in
Stratford's memorial theatre, where put only Shakespeares plays.

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