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Латинские пословицы (с английским переводом)

|Acta  est  fabula.     |Drama has been acted out.                      |
|(August)               |                                               |
|Ad  augusta  per       |To high places by narrow roads.                |
|angusta.               |                                               |
|Ad  hoc.               |Exactly for that. Also: Not prearranged,       |
|                       |informal.                                      |
|Ad honorem.            |In honor. Honor not baring any material        |
|                       |advantage.                                     |
|Ad  libitum.           |Freely. Without restraint, as desired.         |
|Alea iacta est. (Julius|The die is cast. The decision has been made.   |
|Caesar)                |                                               |
|Alter ego. (Zeno)      |Another I.  Soul mate, close friend.           |
|Alter ipse amicus.     |A friend is another self.                      |
|Ars gratia artis.      |Art for art's sake. Art has its own sense.     |
|Audiatur et altera     |Let us hear the opposite side!                 |
|pars!                  |                                               |
|Carpe diem. (Horace)   |Seize the day.                                 |
|Cogito, ergo sum.      |I think, therefore I am.                       |
|(Descartes)            |                                               |
|Conditio sine qua non. |Condition that cannot (be done) without.       |
|                       |Essential condition.                           |
|Corpus delicti.        |The body of a crime. The facts of a crime.     |
|Cum grano salis. (Pliny|With a grain of salt. Take something not       |
|the Elder)             |literally, with due consideration.             |
|Curriculum vitae.      |The run of life.                               |
|De facto.              |In fact.                                       |
|De iure.               |By law. According to law.                      |
|De gustibus non est    |Tastes are not to be argued.                   |
|dispuntandum.          |                                               |
|Dimidium facti qui     |He who has begun has the job half done.        |
|coepit habet.          |(Horace)                                       |
|Divide et impera.      |Part and rule. Roman maxima of ruling the      |
|                       |subdued nations.                               |
|Dulcius ex asperis.    |Through difficulty, sweetness.                 |
|Dum spiro, spero.      |As long as I breathe, I hope.                  |
|(Cicero)               |                                               |
|Dura lex, sed lex.     |The law is hard, but it is law.                |
|Eram quod es, eris quod|I was what you are, you will be what I am.     |
|sum.                   |(grave inscription)                            |
|Errare humanum est.    |It is human to make a mistake.                 |
|(Seneca)               |                                               |
|Et tu, Brute! (Julius  |You too, Brutus! Even you have betrayed me!    |
|Caesar)                |                                               |
|Eventus stultorum      |Events are the teacher of the stupid persons.  |
|magister.              |                                               |
|Ex abrupto.            |Without preparation.                           |
|Ex cathedra.           |From the chair. With authority (without        |
|                       |argumentation).                                |
|Ex gratia.             |By moral (not legal) obligation.               |
|Ex libris.             |From the library (of).                         |
|Exempli gratia. (e.g.) |For example.                                   |
|Faber quisque fortunae |Each man (is) the maker of his own fortune.    |
|suae.                  |                                               |
|Facta, non verba!      |Deeds, not words!                              |
|Falsus in uno, falsus  |False in one thing, false in all.              |
|in omnibus.            |                                               |
|Festina lente!         |Rush slowly! Do not hasten!                    |
|Fiat justitia, ruat    |Let justice be done, even though the heavens   |
|caelum.                |collapse.                                      |
|Fortes Fortuna adjuvat.|Fortune aids the brave.                        |
|(Terence)              |                                               |
|Gutta cavat lapidem    |The water drop drills stone (not by the force, |
|(non vi, sed           |but by falling often). The endurance can       |
|saepe cadendo). (Ovid) |overcome the obstacle even without the force.  |
|Historia est vitae     |The history is the tutor of life.              |
|magistra.              |                                               |
|Homines, dum docent,   |While men teach they learn. (Seneca)           |
|discunt.               |                                               |
|Homo homini lupus.     |Man is a wolf to man.                          |
|(Plautus)              |                                               |
|Homo sum, humani nihil |I am human, therefore nothing human is strange |
|a me alienum puto.     |to me.                                         |
|In medias res.         |In the midst of things.                        |
|In medio stat virtus.  |Virtue stands in the middle.                   |
|(Horace)               |                                               |
|In  memoriam.          |In memory (of).                                |
|In vino veritas.       |The truth is in wine. A drunk person tells the |
|                       |truth.                                         |
|Inter caecos regnat    |Among blinds the squinting rules.              |
|strabo. (Erasmus)      |                                               |
|Lapsus  linguae.       |Error of the tongue.                           |
|Lapsus  memoriae.      |Error of the memory.                           |
|Manus manum lavat.     |One hand washes the other. The favor for the   |
|(Petronius)            |favor.                                         |
|Mea culpa.             |By my guilt.                                   |
|Mens sana in corpore   |A sound mind in a sound body. (Juvenalis)      |
|sano.                  |                                               |
|Nemo sine vitio est.   |No one is without fault. (Seneca the Elder)    |
|Nil novi sub sole.     |Nothing new under the sun.                     |
|(Bible)                |                                               |
|Nomen est omen.        |The name is the sign.                          |
|Non omne quod nitet    |Not everything that is shining is gold.        |
|aurum est.             |                                               |
|Non plus ultra!        |Nothing above that!                            |
|Non uno die Roma       |Rome was not built in one day.                 |
|aedificata est.        |                                               |
|Nosce te ipsum!        |Know thyself.                                  |
|Nota bene.             |Observe carefully.                             |
|Occasio aegre offertur,|Opportunity is offered with difficulty, lost   |
|facile amittitur.      |with ease.                                     |
|(Publius Syrus)        |                                               |
|Omnia vincit amor.     |Love conquers all.                             |
|Panem et circenses.    |Bread and circuses. Food and games to keep     |
|(Juvenalis)            |people happy.                                  |
|Parva scintilla saepe  |The small sparkle often initiates a large      |
|magnam                 |flame.                                         |
|flamam excitat.        |                                               |
|Pecunia non olit.      |Money doesn't stink.                           |
|Pede poena claudo.     |Punishment comes limping. Retribution comes    |
|(Horace)               |slowly, but surely.                            |
|Per aspera ad astra.   |Through the thorns to the stars.               |
|Persona non grata.     |An unwelcome person.                           |
|Post tenebras lux.     |After darkness, light.                         |
|Primus inter pares.    |First among equals.                            |
|Quae nocent, saepe     |What hurts, often instructs. One learns by     |
|docent.                |bitter/adverse experience.                     |
|Qui multum habet, plus |He who has much desires more. (Seneca)         |
|cupit.                 |                                               |
|Quid pro quo.          |Something for something. A reciprocal exchange,|
|                       |something given in compensation, esp. an       |
|                       |advantage.                                     |
|Quod erat              |What was to be demonstrated..                  |
|demonstrandum.         |                                               |
|Quod licet Iovi non    |What Jupiter (supreme God) is allowed to do,   |
|licet bovi.            |cattle (people) are not.                       |
|Quod natura non sunt   |What is natural cannot be bad.                 |
|turpia.                |                                               |
|Repetitio est mater    |Repeating is the mother of learning.           |
|studiorum.             |                                               |
|Scio me nihil scire.   |I know that I know nothing. Certain knowledge  |
|(Socrates)             |cannot be obtained.                            |
|Si Deus pro nobis quis |If God is with us who is against us.           |
|contra nos.            |                                               |
|Si vis pacem, para     |If you want peace, prepare for the war.        |
|bellum. Vegetius       |                                               |
|Si sapis, sis apis.    |If you are wise, be a bee.                     |
|Sic transit gloria     |Thus passes the glory of the world.            |
|mundi.                 |                                               |
|Sine die.              |Without a date. Without a date limit. Unknown  |
|                       |period of time.                                |
|Sol omnibus lucet.     |The sun shines upon all.                       |
|(Petronius)            |                                               |
|Status quo.            |The present state of affairs.                  |
|Summum ius, summa      |Highest law, greatest injustice.               |
|iniuria.               |                                               |
|Tabula rasa.           |A clean slate. Person that knows nothing.      |
|Tempora mutantur, et   |Times are changing, and we are changing within |
|nos mutamur            |them.                                          |
|in illis. (Ovid)       |                                               |
|Tempus fugit.          |Times run.                                     |
|Ubi bene, ibi patria.  |Where you feel good, there is your home.       |
|Ubi concordia, ibi     |Where is the unity, there is the victory.      |
|victoria.              |                                               |
|Vade mecum.            |Come with me. A constant companion.            |
|Varietas delectat.     |The diversity is delighting.                   |
|Veni, vidi, vici!      |I came, I saw, I conquered. Easy               |
|(Julius Caesar)        |accomplishment.                                |
|Verba movent, exempla  |Words move people, examples compel them. Deeds,|
|trahunt.               |not words, give the example.                   |
|Verba volant, scripta  |The words fly away, the writings remain.       |
|manent.                |                                               |
|Veritas numquam perit. |Truth never perishes.                          |
|(Seneca)               |                                               |
|Vice versa.            |Turn in place. The other way round.            |
|Vis maior.             |Higher force.                                  |
|Vitam regit fortuna,   |Fortune, not wisdom, rules lives. (Cicero)     |
|non sapientia.         |                                               |
|Vivere disce, cogita   |Learn to live; Remember death.                 |
|mori.                  |                                               |
|Vox populi, vox Dei.   |The voice of the people is the voice of God.   |
|                       |Public opinion is obligatory.                  |
|Vulnerant omnes, ultima|Every (hour) wounds, the last kills.           |
|necat.                 |                                               |
|Vulpem pilum mutat, non|A fox may change its hair, not its tricks.     |
|mores.                 |                                               |

Масолова Елена, школа 1257.

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