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Punks and Punk Rock

The punk-rock was be created in 60th years can be named  "garage  rock".  It
has appeared in the USA in 1964 where under impression Beatles  and  Rolling
Stones there was a huge quantity of local ensembles.
The first rock groups have appeared in our country right  at  the  beginning
of the seventieth

 The basic group which has generated outlook and style of  music  of  ninety
percent domestic the punk - rokers, was the Civil defence.
    Its  founder Egor Letov was domestic studio  G.O.-rekordz  has  written
down  huge  quantity  both  the  albums,  and   albums   of   the   friends.
Reorganization went at full speed and has already come  to  Omsk,  therefore
Letov at the end of the eightieth  strongly  pressed  KGB.  The  history  is
known, when it has been declared  in  a  criminal  investigation  department
and, to avoid prison,  has  gone  to  an  annual  autostop  on  the  country
    Earlier in the Russian - punk rock, it  was  not  accepted  to  develop
somehow to read newspapers, to watch TV. The slogan of punks was:  I  always
shall be against!
    But the punk culture is constantly improved: even  for  example  if  to
take group popular now «King and Fool» , in  this  group  all  singers  with
higher education, it speaks about much .
    The punk -  rock  is  the  initially  nonconformist  movement  directed
against establishment, against System. Therefore the punk - rokers from  the
origin of movement opposed racism, nationalism, fascism.
    There are many errors concerning who such punk, what purposes at him in
a life as it concerns to associates. Attention!!! To sit in  disposal  dump,
to spit on everything, years do not be washed and do not erase  the  clothes
is NOT the punk! It is ordinary teenage maximalism, or simply illness.
Punk is not a junk!

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