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Table of Contents.


      I. California

1.1. California today.4

1.2.The History of Los Angeles County4

      II. Los Angeles
2.1. Los Angeles now..7
2.2. Disneyland.9
2.3. Six Flags Magic Mountain.14
2.4 Universal Studios....15


      California, Los Angeles, Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hillshave you
ever heard these names? I am sure you have. What are these places , where
are they situated, what is their history? I am sure this question have at
least onece stirred your curiosity. In my work Ive tried to cover all
these most interesting questions, including history, places of interest
their description and even parks entrance fees. I hope my work will help
you to get better acquainted with one of the most beautiful state of the
USA  California and its one of the most gougeous cities  Los Angeles, or
a City of Angels.


1.1.California today.
      California is perhaps the most unique state in the USA. It  leads  the
country in manufacturing and farming. Its area is the  3rd  in  the  country
and it has the largest population, of  which  the  white  people  constitute
less than 50%. It is the most popular place to spend vacations -  hiking  in
National parks, swimming  in  the  Pacific  Ocean  and  sightseeing  in  the
cities. Such well-known places as Hollywood Disneyland,  Death  Valley,  and
the San Diego Zoo are located in California. First European  settlements  in
California were Spanish, and in 1821, when  Mexico  became  independent,  it
became its part. In 1848 the United States took  control  over  this  state.
And on September 9, 1850, it became the 31 state of the USA. 
 > Capital - Sacramento.
 > Population - 29,839,250 (1st).
      The state symbols are: 
 > Bird - California Valley Quail, 
 > Flower - Golden Poppy, 
 > Motto - "Eureka" ("I have found it"), 
 > Song - "I love you, California", 
 > Tree - California Redwood. 

1.2.The History of Los Angeles County.
 When Spanish  occupation  of  California  began  in  1769,  an  exploratory
expedition of more than 60 persons led by  Gaspar  de  Portola  moved  north
through the area now known as Los Angeles. They  camped  by  a  river  where
fertile soil and availability of water for irrigation impressed  members  of
the party. Father Juan Crespi, who accompanied the group, saw  the  location
as having all the requirements for a large settlement. He  named  the  river
El Rio de Nuestra Senora la Reyna  de  Los  Angeles  de  Porciuncula,  which
means The River of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula.

        In September 1771 Father Junipero Serra and  a  group  of  Spaniards
founded the San Gabriel Mission as the center of the  first  "community"  in
an area inhabited by small bands of Gabrielino Indians.
      Twelve years after Portola's trek, which began in San Diego and  ended
in Monterey, a company of settlers called "Los  Pobladores"  were  recruited
in the states  of  Sonora  and  Sinaloa  in  Mexico.  Their  mission,  under
authority of Governor Felipe de Neve, was to establish pueblos in  the  name
of the king of Spain.
      On September 4, 1781, the Pobladores, a group of 12 families - 46 men,
women and  children  led  by  Captain  Rivera  y  Moncada  -  established  a
community in the area discovered by Portola,  and  named  it  El  Pueblo  de
Nuestra Senora la Reyna de Los Angeles  de  Porciuncula,  after  the  nearby
river. Over time, the area became known as the Ciudad de Los Angeles,  "City
of Angels," and on April 4, 1850 became the City of Los Angeles.
      California  was  ruled  by  Spain  until  1822  when  Mexico   assumed
jurisdiction. After a two-year period of hostilities with  Mexico  beginning
in 1846, the area came under U.S. control. In 1848 the Treaty  of  Guadalupe
Hidalgo made California a United States territory.The County of Los  Angeles
was established on February 18, 1850 as one of  the  27  original  counties,
several months before California was admitted to the Union. It  derived  its
name from the area known as Los Angeles,  already  a  large  community,  and
made it the designated "seat" of County government.
      On April 1, 1850 the people of Los Angeles County asserted their newly
won right of self-government and elected a three-man Court  of  Sessions  as
their first governing  body.  A  total  of  377  votes  were  cast  in  this
election. In 1852 the  Legislature  dissolved  the  Court  of  Sessions  and
created a five-member Board of Supervisors. In  1913  the  citizens  of  Los
Angeles County approved a charter recommended  by  a  board  of  freeholders
which gave the County greater freedom to govern itself within the  framework
of state law.

|Land Area               |4,081.58 Square Miles   |
|Unincorporated Area     |2,653.5 Square Miles    |
|Flat Land               |1,741 Square Miles      |
|Mountains               |1,875 Square Miles      |
|Hilly Land              |246 Square Miles        |
|Islands                 |131 Square Miles        |
|Mountain Valleys        |59 Square Miles         |
|Marsh Land              |28 Square Miles         |

      The official flag of the county of Los  Angeles  is  blue,  green  and
gold.The blue signifies clear  skies.  The  green  border  is  to  keep  Los
Angeles beautiful and the gold lettering "county of Los Angeles" stands  for
the  land  of  opportunity  for  everyone  since  gold  was  discovered   in
      The seal is the official seal of the County of Los Angeles.
The flag was approved on October 17, 1967 by the Board of Supervisors and
flew for the first time in front of the County Courthouse on March 28,

II.Los Angeles.

2.1. Los Angeles now.

      Los Angeles teems with excitement both sunup and sundown. Los  Angeles
is a youthful, vibrant city, proud of her well extablished roots.
      Claimed for Spain by Portuguese conquistador Juan  Cabrillo  in  1542,
the sleepy Indian village of 4000  was  named  ElPueblo  Nuestra  Senora  la
Reina de Los Angeles  The city of Our Lady Queen of the Angels.
      Today the City Of Angels hosts an assortment  of  lifestyles  and  a
population of nearly three million, with over seven million in  Los  Angeles
      The boundaries econompass over 463  square  miles  of  urban  ,desert,
mountain and coastl landscapes. This  area  is  large  enough  to  hold  the
combined cities of St. Louis,  Cleveland,  Minneapolis,  Milwaukee,  Boston,
Pittsburgh, Manhattan and San Francisco.
      Los angeles basks in a mediterranean climate and 350  days  of  golden
sun yearly. The dry summers and comfortable winters make L.A.  the  envy  of
the nation.
      Beverly Hills is the world-famous meeting place for the elite and  the
curious visitor. Rolls Royces, Mercedes and Jaguars line  the  streets,  and
the famous and not-so-famous stroll  these  chic  boulevards  in  search  of
recognition and fashion trends. Gucci, Pucci,  Giorgios,  Tiffanys  and  a
host of other prestigious stores add glamour and excitement to  the  shoping
      Just around the corner, nestled under the  landmark  H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D
sign, Hollywood thrives on the creative energies of film  directors,  actor,
dancers and music  makers.  Universal  Studios,  once  a  combination  movie
studio and chicken ranch, is now the worlds largest motion picture  studio.
Universals back lot  stretches  over  more  then  420  acres.  Soundstages,
western sets, Mexican villages, and New York city streets come to life in  a
make-believe world.
      Just over the hill-thrills, spills and excitement  await  at  Southern
Californias exciting theme parks. Six  Flags  Magic  Mountain  offers  more
than 100 rides and atractions to entertain  the  entire  family.  Visit  the
nations oldest theme park  Knotts Berry Farm, where  the  old  west  in
intertwined with an abundance of heart-skipping rides. And, of  course,  the
world famous internationsl playground  Disneyland, offers fun  and  fantasy
for all ages.
      Dozens of additional atttractions surround  Los  Angeles,  from  Magic
Mountain to the majestic  Queen  Mary  complex,  reigning  over  Long  Beach
Harbor. Beautiful Catalina Island is a secluded  playground  where  sunning,
surfing, sailing and relaxing are just twenty-six miles  across  the  sea.
The  mangnificent  beaches  of  Malibu,  Santa  Monica,  Venice,  Manhattan,
Hermosa and Redondo all give  thousands  of  fisherman,  surfers,  swimmers,
cyclists, joggers and sun orshipers a haven year round.
      One of the newest attraction in the  City  of  Angels  is  Downtown.
Beautifully decorated hotels, bold and attractive condominiums,  and  modern
high  rise  office  complexes  are  just  a  few  reasons  for  its  soaring
popularity. The crown jewel of downton Los  Angeles  is  the  exquisiti  Los
Angeles Music Center for the Perfoeming Arts. This complez  is  one  of  the
finest music and  dramatic  arts  centre  inthe  United  States  today.  The
Center, knowing worldwide as the home of the Annual  Academy  Awards,  is  a
complex of three thetres :the malestic Dorothy chandler Pavilion;  the  Mark
Taper  Forum;  and  the  Ahmanson  Thetre.  All  three  provide   year-round
entertaiment  with  symphonies,  operas,  musical  comedies   and   dramatic
presentation. Tickets for most productions are  easily  obtainable  at  very
reasonable prices.
      Los Angeles Spanish heritage is forever enshrined and enjoyed it  the
rustic xharm of Olvera Street. The original block-long El Pueblo  retains  a
latin flavor with traditional Spanish costumes, the aroma  of  Mexican  food
and the display of  Mexican  products.  This  colorful  and  festive  street
recalls the days when Los Angeles was but a dusty, sleepy pueblo.
      Downtown is also home for the largest Japanese community  in  the  US.
Little Tokyo, like its neighbors, Chinatown and Olivera Street,  provides  a
unique  and  shopping  opportunity.  Fine  Cantonese,   Mandarin,   Chinese,
Japanese and Mexican restaurants abound in these three ethnic communities.
      Few businesses express the tumultuous excitement as does  the  garment
industry (bordered by Maple and Olive Streets and  7th  and  36th  Streets).
Here vociferous buyers  and  sellers  shout  and  cajole  about  the  newest
fashions and  fabrics.  Sidewalks  overflow  with  racks  of  clothes  being
dalivered to display rooms. Visitors discover excellent buys ib  the  retail
out ouylets lining the streets.
      Another  exciting  Downtown  experience  is  the  beautiful   Atlantic
Richfield Plaza, which is the worlds largest subterranean shopping  centre.
Two floofs with over fifty shops are located beneath the world  headquarters
for Atlantic Richfield company and the Los angeles base for Bank of  America
(the location is easily  identified  be  the  massive  520story  twin  black
towers). The Plaza  is  a  delightful  blend  of  international  charm  with
streets depicting the charmps Elysee, Avenida  del  Mercado,  Via  Portofino
and Picadilly Circus. An exciting array of clothing stores, speciality  gift
shops,  restaurants,  and  even  a  Post  office  and  Catholic  Ahapel  are
available to the visitor.

2.2. Disneyland.
                                             What I want Disneyland  to  be
                                       the most of all is a happy place  a
                                       place where adults and children  can
                                       experience  together  some  of   the
                                       wonders of life. Of  adventure,  and
                                       feel better because of it. 

                                                        Walt Disney

      Disneyland is a thousand different impressions  from a  space  flight
to a castle  a  carrousel  calliope  to  a  jazz  band.  Its  flovers  and
fireworks, popcorn and ice cream. And its the sounds of  laughter  and  the
sight of smiling faces  sights and sounds which youll remember long  after
your day in the land of the young and happy at heart is over.
Main Street, U.S.A.
      Walk past the famous floral Mickey at the Main  Entrance  and  into  a
small town way of life from Americas past. On Main Street,  U.S.A.,  youll
see sights and sounds from a time when life was as leisurely as  a  ride  on
Horse-drawn Street Car and as innocent as  the  antics  of  a  silent  movie
ster.  Browse  in  the  turn-of-the-centuy  Emporium  or  ride   the   shiny
Disneyland Railroad. From the color and music of a hometown  parade  to  the
nostalgic flavor of an old-fashioned treat, you'l  experience  the  joy  of
recalling fond memories while you create new  ones  on  Main  Street,  where
both sides of the street are always sunny.
      Whether your visions  of  sugarplums  include  lollipops  or  luscious
chocolates, your sweet toot is right at home on  Main  street  where  treats
come flavored with favorite childhood memories.
      A fruit vendors cart displays fresh,crisp wares while  flovers  bloom
eveywhere. The saxophone band entertains on street corners  and  a  marching
band makes you tap your toes. Every  sight  and  sound  on  Main  Street  is
guaranteed to make you fell red, white, and blue  all over!
      Entertainment on Main Street comes in lots of shapes,  sizes,  styles,
and smiles. Disney cartoons  at  the  Main  Stret  Cinema  serve  up  hearty
helpings of laughter, while shops like the Crystal  Arcade  offer  keepsakes
to treasure. Or learn a magic trick or two at the Main  Street  Magic  Shop.
Just remember  on Main Street fun comes the old-fashioned way    you  make
it yourself!

      Don your pith helmets and enter the land where adventure  reigns,  but
beware the eyes of Mara! The Indiana Jones Adventure  takes  you  deep  into
the jungle to  explore  the  hidden  Temple  of  the  Fobidden  Eye.  Youll
encounter shrieking mummies, an avalanche  of  creepy  crawlies,  a  rickety
bridge, and experience a terrifying confrontation  with  the  ancient  diety
Mara. Remembermany have come, but few have retuened!
      No visit to Adventureland could be complete without taking the  famous
Jungle Cruise, which has been  a  highlight  of  the  Disneyland  experience
since the Park opened. But are you daring enough to brave  charging  hippos,
hungry alligators, splashing  elephants    and  your  guides  outrageously
funny puns?
      Exotic color and patterns  catch  the  eye.  Spicy  scents  tempt  the
tastebuds. Whether you unearth gifts at the Adventureland South Sea  Traders
and Adventureland Bazaar or track down new tastes  at  The  Bengal  Barbecue
and Aladdins Oasis,  great  discoveries  await  you  at  this  outpost  of
      The  ultimate  treehouse  fantasy,  the  swiss  Family  Treehouse  was
inspired by the living quartes of the famous family of  film  and  furnished
from airy rooms to an ingenious  waterwhel.  The  Treehouse  is  a  fanciful
tribute to the kind of lifestyle you dreamt of as a  child    and  possibly
even yearn for as an adult.

New Orleans Square.
      Come  to  New  Orlean  Square  where  the  Pirates  of  the  Caribbean
willshiver your timbers, and ghosts an The Haunted Mansion will tickle  your
ribs1 the hot sounds of jazz  and the delicious scentes of southern  cooking
waft by s you stroll through the French  Quarter.  Here  youll  find  shops
offering fine perfumes and one-of-a-king  antiques,  gourmet  cookware,  and
fanciful hats. Its all part of the atmosphere  of  New  Orleans  Square,  a
plase thats as beautiful as a bayou night and as much fun as Mardi Gras!
      Sailing by the twinkling lights of the famed  Blue  Bayou  Restaurant,
guests enter a realm of delightful danger on the Pirates of  the  Caribbean.
Youll voyage past pirate  plunder  guarded  by  grinning  skeletons,  dodge
cannnballs and escape from a town set ablaze by salty dogs.  Watch  out  for
merrybuccanners along the way! Theyre always out to steal a laugh.
      Greet some folks whove  been  dying  to  meeet  you    999  unruly
spirits in The Haunted Mansion  a charming place fully equipped  with  hot-
and-cold running thrills!  Ghostly  voices  guide  you  through  a  doorless
chamber past a ballroom full of  transparent  dancers  and  into  graveyards
ringing with serenades from marble statues. Fun? You bet your life it is!

      Pioneer days live on in Frontierland! Beneath the peaks of Big Thunder
Mountain, banjo pickers, craftspeople, farm animals,  and  boatmen  recreate
the hardly atmosphere of the american wildernees and  spirit  of  those  who
made it theie home.
      Discover a cargo of history on the Rivers of America. Board  authentic
replicas  of  two  ships:  the   Mark   Twain   Steamboat,   a   Mississippi
sternwheeler, and the Sailing Ship Columbia,  the  first  American  ship  to
travel the world. Guests can paddle a canoe, take a refeshing  ride  on  the
Mike Fink Keelboats or raft over to Tom Sawyer Island  for  adventures  just
like Mark Twain's young hero enjoyed.
      Catch the run-away fun on Big Thunder Mountain  Railroad.  Taking  you
racing through a  collapsing  mine,  past  rockslides,  varmints,  and  wild
western scenery. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the most rip-roaring  ride
you've  ever hollered, rooted and hooted through!

Critter Country.
      Tucked into a shady  hollow  below  the  slopes  of  Splash  Mountain,
Critter Country invites you to stay a spell. Enjoy the famouse Country  Bear
jamboree, where big All, Teddi Barra and the Bear Rugs put on a honey  of  a
show! Or relax as country fiddlers, shops,  and  restaurants  serve  up  god
times adn good food. Critter Country is so downright friendly, it's easy  to
believe in the time when, as Uncle Remus says,  Critter were closer to  the
folks, and the folks were closer to the critters!.
       Brer  Rabbit  says  everybody  needsa  laughin's  place,  and  Splash
Mountain, inspired by Walt Disney's film, Song of the South, is the  perfect
one! You'll glide past hundreds of singing figures and dash over  waterfalls
and around curves. Then hang on, as you head straight for  the  briar  patch
in a zip-a-dee-doo-dah, five-story splash down!

      Sleeping Beauty Castle  beckons  you  to  Fantasyland    where  every
corner holds a bit of the magic of dreams come true.  If  Disneyland  has  a
heart, it is surely here, in this enchanted realm you'll recognize  at  once
as the home of your favorite childhood fantasies.
      The whimsical headgear found at  such  shops  as  the  Mad  Hatter  in
Fantasyland have become  a  time-honored  Disneyland  tradition    and  the
perfect way to cap your fun at the Park!
       The  meticuljus  craftmanship  seen  throughout  Disneyland  is  well
represent in Fantasyland where the  King  Arthur  Carrousel  and  Dumbo  the
Flying Elephant turn and glide in  ornately  carved  and  painted  splendor.
What could be more magical than letting  a  rose-bedecked  steed  carry  you
back to the elegance of yesterday?
      Fantasyland is the home of the small,gentle,  and  whimsical.  Take  a
smili-sized trip on the Casey Jr. Circus Train or voyage  through  Monstro's
jaws into a miniature Storybook Land. You'll be enchanted by  It's  a  Small
World, where young goodwill ambassadors singing a hopeful song,  prove  that
little things make a big world of magic.
      The enchanted of Walt Disney's animated film classics come  to  three-
dimensional life in Fantasyland. Here you'll meet a princess, get a  bit  of
sare from the Wicked Witch, whirl in a  Mad  Tea  Party  and  experience  an
amusing trip through Wonderland with Alice. You may  even  rub  elbows  with
one of the Seven Dwarfs!
      Nerves tingle as you race through ice caverns and  careen  down  snowy
slopes on the Matterhorn Mountain  the first of the mountain  attractions
created at disneyland. Towering above  Fantasyland,  the  Matterhorn  offers
panoramic Park views  and  even  a  peek  at  an  Abominable  Snowman!  The
thrilling and chilling bobsled run twist and  turns  through  the  windswept
mountain, finally splashing down in an alpine lake.

Mickeys Toontown.
      Mickeys Toontown, onece the exclusive hideaway of  Mickey  Mouse  and
all his animated friends, is now a colorful,  larger-than-life,  interactive
playground for you to explore. You  can  minglewith  your  favorite  cartoon
character and visit the imaginative, three-dimensional cartoon  dream  homes
of  Mickey,  Minnie,  Donald  Duck,  Goffy,  and  Chipn  Dale.  This  wacky
community is loaded with surprises, too! You can  bounce  off  the  cushiony
walls at Goofys Bounce House, get out of control at Car Toon Spin,  take  a
wild ride on  Gadgets  Go  Coaster,  talk  to  manhole  covers,  dive  into
thousands of acorns, and thn board the  Jolly  Trolley  for  a  merry  jaunt
around toontown.

        High tech travel is the  name  of  the  game  in  Tomorrowlnd  where
submarines and starships take you from the ocean depths to  outerspace,  and
the Disneyland monorail carries you through a streamlined  landscape.  Visit
some famous places on Earth  at  circle-Vision  or  the  galaxies  on  Spase
Mountain and Star Tower where future frontiers are just a flight away.
      Board the Atarspeeder 3000 for galactic gasps on Star Tower, based  on
George lucas'famed film trilogy. The pilot's rookie, but he'll get you  past
pounding Iceteroids, spaceship  dogfights,  and  through  the  Death  Star's
chasms. And he'll do it with just a slight blast to your nerves!
      Watch out! You're surrounded by light, sound, and  action  in  Captain
EO,  a  3-D  musical  spectacular  with  dazzling  photography  and  special
effects. Michael Jackson captains a hilarious crew who bands  together  to
bring color and music to a dark planet.  Captain  EO  brought  together  the
legendary talents of Michael  Jackson,  produser  George  Lucas  and  award-
winning writer-director Francis ford Coppola.
      Comic thrill seekers  flock  to  Space  Mountain  where  the  laws  of
gravity seem suspended as you  spiral  through  the  stars.  The  futuristic
structure overlooks The Star Trader and Starcade  which  offer  out-of-this-
world merchandise and fun!

After Dark.
       When Mickey used his imagination, the result is  FANTASMIC!  Set  on
the  Rivers  of  America,  this  thrilling   spectacular   combines   Disney
characters, music, dancers, and  state-of-the-art  illusions  for  the  most
elaborate presentation in the history of Walt Disney  Theme  Parks.  Lasers,
black lights, fireworks, and images on huge mist screens bring  a  cavalcade
of animated characters to life amidst crashing waves and  shooting  star.  A
fantasy of Mickeys vivid imagination  it is sure to capture yours!
      The sun sets, and in the soft dusk, lights  bloom    twinkling  along
main Street, casting a futuristic glow over Space Mountain  and  shining  on
candelit tables in New Orleans Square.  soOn  the  Main  Street  Electrical
Parade will transfix  you  with  thousands  of  tiny  colored  lights,  and
bouquets of fireworks will blossom over Sleeping Beauty Castle. Before  your
eyes,  Disneyland  reveals   another   side   touched   with   unforgettable

2.3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

      The park's attractions include many noted roller  coasters,  including
newcomers X and Deja Vu, as well as  stand-bys  inlcuding  the  hypercoaster
Goliath; the classic  wooden  Colossus;  the  feet-dangling,   hairpin-turn-
filled Batman   the Ride;
and the sheer speed of Superman the Escape.

      Younger and shorter visitors can     get their kicks at Bugs Bunny
World. Along with the roller coaster, race   cars and  mini-prop planes,
Bugs Bunny World features live music and stunt, water and interactive

           Cyclone   Bay,  toward    the back  of the park,   showcases  a
row of specialty shops. Don't miss Bayshore Candy, where you can watch
fudge, caramel apples and other mouth-watering delights   being made.
Remember to     wear   walking   shoes, because Magic Mountain is expansive
and hilly.
           Attractions: More than 100 rides, games  and attractions,
including four roller coasters   listed  in     the "Guinness  Book    of
World   Records."  There are 15 roller coasters, including the new X roller
           Hours: From   10 a.m.   daily    April 1 through Sept. 10   and
 weekends  and holidays the remainder of the year. Closing hours vary.

2.4. Universal Studios.

      Why just watch the movies when you can live them at Universal  Studios
Hollywood  the worlds biggest and busiest television  and  motion  picture
studio theme park! Be a part of movie magic with  an  action-packed  day  of
spine-tingling rides, thrilling shows,  explosive  stunts,  awesome  spesial
effects and amazing adventures! And the fun builds as the day goes  on.  Put
yourself in the spotlight as you hang out with your favorite characters  and
step  into  the  scenes  of  eour  favorite  movies.  Its  the   magic   of
hollywoodand everywhere you turn, youve the star!

Jurassic Park - The Ride.

      Get ready to live the most  spine-tingling  adventure  in  65  million
years when Jurassic Park  The  Ride  brings  the  biggest  blockbustr  ever
thundering to life on the most spectaculer water ride of  all  time.  Youll
journey deep into  the  Jurassic  Jungle  aboard  a  runaway  raft  to  face
Spitters, Raptors and the ultimate terror  a towering T-Rex.

      Jurassic Park  The Ride. Youll Wish It Was Just A Movie!

Back To The Futer  The Ride.
      Hang on! Doc Brown is  sending  you  screaming  through  time  on  the
greatest ride in history! Blasting you back to the Dawn  of  Time  for  wild
run-ins with a 50-foot T-Rex, an Ice Age avalanche  and  a  molten  volcano!
Then rocketing you into Hill Valey 2015! Thrill to the  21-million  jigowatt
adventure thats like riding a flying roller coaster!

WaterWorld  A Live Sea War Spectacular.
      Get ready for an ocean of thrills as  WATERWORLD    A  Live  Sea  War
Spectacular, brings the  blockbustermovie  surging  to  life!  Breath-taking
action, death-defying stunts and never-before-seen pyrotechnics will  engulf
you in a millions gallons of pure adrenalone!
      WaterWorld  it blows every other stunt show out of the water!

      Fell the fury of 10,000 degrees of excitement as  BACKDRAFT  roads  to
life! Youll step into a firestorm  of  blazing  beams,  exploding  barrels,
rocketing drums and more in this fie-alarm speciaieffects thriller!
       Youre  in  forr  the  shock  of  your  life:  a  heart-pounding  8.3
Earthquake that will have you on the edge of your seat, screaming for  more!
Its a 10 on the fun scale!

King Kong.
      Go face to  face  with  King  Kong,  the  greatest  movie  monster  in
history! Hes 30 feet and 30,000 pounds of howling, growling  terror,  ready
to take things into his own hands! Experience the ultimate Kongfrontation!

E.T. Adventure.
      Quick! Hop aboard a starbound bike. Fell hte wind on your face as  you
race across galaxies on an adventure like none before. Help  E.T.  save  his
planet, and when you do, E.T. will thank you personally.

The World Of Cinemagic!
      Youll be the star of the show as  our  special-effects  experts  take
you behind the scenes for a first-hand look at movie magic. Learn the  triks
of the trade and see the secrets of cutting-adge film  technology.  Join  us
as we take sound effects and visual wizardly from  he  sound  stage  to  the
Silvr Screen, right before your eyes ans ears!  Youll  never  watch  movies
the same way again!

Animal Actors.
      Then thril to the  animal  magnetism  of  superstars  like  Beethoven,
Lassie and Babe. Its a special treat for kids, but people of all ages  will
howl at the antics of our exclusive animal stars!

Universal City.
       Get  ready  for  anything  and  everything  at  Universal  City!  The
excitement begins when you check into the luxurious  Sheraton  Universal  or
Hilton hotel and Towers. Then,  let  the  good  times  stroll  at  Universal
CityWalk  with  fabulous  shops,  one-of-a-kind  restaurants  and  fantastic
street performens. Choose a hit movie from  18  screens  at  Universal  City
Cinemas. Catch the hottest acts in show biz at the  Universal  Amphitheatre.
Dine in Merry Olde England at Victoria Station. Have the greatest day  and
night of your life at Universal Studios  its an  entire  vacations  worth
of entertainment in one totally fun place!

      And in conclusion I would like to summarize in a couple of simple
sentences. As you can see, California and specifically Los Angeles is
something worth seeing and visiting. And believe me its not only the
weather and climate. It is truly a place of adventure and fantasy, a sort
of dreams come true. If you ever get a chance to visit this glorious city
try not to miss it. I am sure you will LOVE IT!!!


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