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Preventing serious deseases

                   What to do to prevent serious deseases.

    Well, it may sound improbable, but even in the century of high
technologies preventing deseases is still actual. Though in our time the
humanity has overcome such creepy deseases as plague, lues, leprosy and
fever, at the same time some new very serious deseases have appeared. AIDS,
cancer and heart deseases sweep away more and more lives. The drug
addiction, alcoholism and bad ecology cause dangerous deseases too.
    So what to do to prevent desease?
    First, you should take care of your health, because no one else can do
that for you. What does it mean. Avoid bad habits like smoking, hard
drinking and of course using drugs. Keep hygiene regulations and that will
solve half a problem.
    Another thing is solving ecological problems. Reducing the air, soil
and water pullution will considerably decrease the amount of deseases,
induced by that factors.
    Solving these problems demands that it should be supported by
appropriate educational programs. People should learn about all tha facts,
that  have any effect on their health.
Of course that determines the importance of the governmental role. The
state should also provide people with Health service. Public hospitals
treat people in case of emergency free of charge  and doctors also warn
people about harmful factors – it's much easier to prevent desease than to
treat it. In general – preventing deseases is a cooperative task of state
and people who live in it. Some matters are solvable on the governmental
level only, and others are to be solved by people themselves.
   And what to do, if you have already fallen ill? Of course you should
consult a doctor (you can go to the hospital or call a doctor) . If your
desease  isn't very serious (for example a headache, or  you have a sore
throat, temperature or cough) you'll just be given a prescription. And
after taking pills for a couple of days you'll recover for sure. In case of
having  a serious contagious or unknown desease more
______________________  examination is needed (first sounding your chest,
then may be making an x-ray)
A patient is to go to hospital and may be even operated on. Because of
possibility of lethal outcome doctor have to commit himself.
   In any case preventing deseases will help you not to find yourself on
the operating table.

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