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Сочинения по России

Education in Russia.

Citizens of Russia have the right to education which is guaranteed by the
Constitution. The public educational system in our country incorporates pre-
school, general school, specialized secondary and higher education.
Pre-school consists of kindergartens and creches. Children there learn
reading, writing and arithmetic. But pre-school education isn't compulsory
- children can get it at home.
Compulsory education is for children from 6(7) to 17 years of age.
The main link in the system of education is the general school which
prepares the younger generation for life and work in modern production.
There are various types of schools: general secondary schools, schools
specializing in a certain subject, high schools, lyceums and so on. Tuition
in most of them is free of charge, but some new types of schools are fee-
paying. The term of study in a general secondary school is 11 years and
consists of primery, middle and upper stages. At the middle stage of a
secondary school the children learn the basic laws of nature and society at
the lessons of history, algebra, literature, physics and many others.
After 9th form pupils have to sit for examinations. Also they have a choice
between entering the 10th grade of a general secondary school and enroling
in a specialized secondary or vocational school.
Persons who finish the general secondary school, recieve a secondary
education certificate, giving them the right to enter any higher
educational establishment. Entrance examinations are held in July and
August. Institutions are headed by rectors; the faculties are headed by the
deans. One has to study in the institute for 5 years. Higher educational
institutions train students in one or several specializations.

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