Топики по Английскому языку для англ.шк. (10 класс)

Topic 1
The United Kingdom is the administrated title and it includes Great  Britain
and Northern Ireland. And Great Britain it self  includes  Wales,  Scotland,
NI and England. They are 4 different parts of UK  with  their  own  culture,
history, traditions & even language The differences are in the  climate,  in
their politic, in their  mineral  resources,  in  their  religious,  in  the
industries, which are promoted in  different  parts,  people’s  occupations.
Landscape is varied. Yes that’s true: mountainous North of Wales,  highlands
& lowlands in Scotland, miles of rocky cliffs on the coast of the  south  of
England. But climate in England is more gentle than in other  parts  of  UK.
Great Britain is situated on one of  the  largest  British  island  and  the
landscape and climate very greatly, from  cold  in  North  to  warm  in  the
South. At first I want to talk about England. England can  be  divided  into
three main parts, which varies one from another greatly. In the south  there
are lots of sea costs, which vary from the flat, sandy or stony  beaches  to
the rocky cliffs. The climate there is mild. The midlands region  is  mostly
the farming land and the north has a hilly landscape. In  the  midlands  and
in the north the climate is colder than in the south. Wales as  England  can
be divided into several parts: the south and the north. The  country  varies
from the picturesque mountains of the north to the  valleys  of  the  south.
Scotland considered having the most beautiful landscape – of hills,  valleys
and unspoiled beaches. The climate is considerably colder than in any  other
parts of Great Britain, but  however  there  is  no  month  has  an  average
temperature below freezing. The last  part  of  UK  I  wont  to  mention  is
Northern Ireland. The landscape there is gentle. The climate is not  stable.
Rain showers quickly changed by sunshine. As we can see all parts of the  UK
are different. They have their own landscapes and  climate  but  as  a  hole
they all form highly developed industrial country.  But besides climate  and
landscape all parts of the UK has their own traditions, culture, and way  of
living and even language. For example in Wales  apart  from  English  people
speak on the Welsh language  and  in  Scotland  people  speak  The  Scottish

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