Программирование и комп-ры

Топик: Central Processor Unit


 The CPU of a computer is a microprocessor, based on a chip or microchip, a
small piece of silicon with very large number of electronic 'circuits on
 The CPU interface -this is the way the CPU is connected with the main
board. There are two main formats for PC's and those a re the "Socket", and
the "Slot" formats. The various socket and slot formats are also referred
to as "packaging". The main two brands of processors for PC's are Intel and
AMD and a very small part for VIA processors.
 The AMD Athlon 64fx: processor features innovative technology to provide
extraordinary performance and a computing experience without parallel. The
ADM Athlon 64fh processor runs on AMD 64, a revolutionary technology that
allows the processor to run 32-bit applications at full speed while
enabling the coming wave oft powerful, 64-bit software applications. The
AMD processor is the only Windows -compatible 64-bit PC processor and the
world's most technically advanced PC processor. This processor is fully
compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and tens of thousands of PC
applications that people around the world use every day. Systems based on
the AMD technology are able to deliver leading-edge performance for the
most demanding entertainment and content creation software today and in the
 (CPU) is the nerve of any digital computer system since it coordinates and
controls the activities of all the other units and performs all the
arithmetic and logic processes to be applied to data. All program
instructions to be executed must be held within the CPU, and all the data
to be processed must be loaded first into this unit. The CPU has two
functions: it must obtain instructions from the memory and interpret them,
as well as perform the actual operations.

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