OLD RIGA


       Old Riga is a pretty famous place in Europe. There are many cafes,
bars, and restaurants, with very friendly atmosphere. This small part of
the capital of Latvia will excite you with its charm, hospitality and
of entertainment.

       Our excursion is based on a famous symbol of Old Riga  Three Cocks:

St. Peters Church, The Dome Church and St. Jacobs Church. At 10:00 our
group will start our tour from The Freedom Monument.
|[pic]      |The Freedom Monument shows off on Brivibas street. It   |
|           |was built 1931-1935. The Monument of Liberty is an      |
|           |outstanding monument of history, architecture and art.  |
|           |It is a testimony of love and respect of the nation     |
|           |towards its Motherland and Liberty. It is an interesting|
|           |fact  that the monument was built for the money donated |
|           |by people.                                              |

        Now we are moving forward to the first cock on Skarnu street 19 
St. Peters Church.
|St. Peters Church was first mentioned in 1209.    |                 |
|From the very beginning it was considered to be the|[pic]            |
|church of Rigas burgers. The height of  the church|                 |
|tower and the original view has changed many times;|                 |
|it burnt in fire many times, but was always        |                 |
|renovated. The present steeple of the church was   |                 |
|renovated in 1971.                                 |                 |

     After lifting up  and observing  the  view from this  highest place
of  Old Riga, our group is going to our next aim, the second cock-The Dome
Church on Dome Square 1.
|[pic]            |  The foundation stone of the church was laid in  |
|                 |1211; the   church  was   originally  a  wooden   |
|                 |building.                                         |
|                 |Riga's first Dome was burnt down in 1215. Due to  |
|                 |shortage of well-processed building stone,        |
|                 |already in the 20-s of the 13-th century those,   |
|                 |who built the church, resorted to brick           |
|                 |construction.                                     |
|                 |The church was reconstructed and restored many    |
|                 |times. In 1776 the spire of the church acquired   |
|                 |its                                               |
|                 |present baroque design. In 1883-1884 in the Dome  |
|                 |church there was erected the organ the pride of   |
|                 |Riga's dwellers, which was the world's biggest at |
|                 |the moment of erection.                           |
|The Riga Castle (Pils square 3). The former |After several              |
|fortress of Livonian orders grandmaster was|reconstructions the castle |
|started to be built in 1330. In 1484 the    |lost its medieval character|
|castle was destroyed, since then the        |to a considerable extent.  |
|original view of the castle has been changed|In the times of Latvian    |
|several times.                              |independent State the      |
|[pic]                                       |castle was transformed into|
|                                            |the State presidents      |
|                                            |residence and              |
|                                            |representation building. In|
|                                            |1938 the Three Star tower  |
|                                            |was erected in accordance  |
|                                            |with architect E. Laubes  |
|                                            |project.                   |

        Our next stop is the Riga Castle, the Latvian Presidents

         After that we are going to see the building that will make you
smile - Maza Pils street 17; 19; 21.
|Three medieval dwelling houses. The oldest    |
|building is by number 17, it was built between|
|15-16 centuries, and it is considered the     |
|oldest dwelling house in Riga, remaining      |
|intact to the present day. After  World War II|
|the houses were restored and named Three    |
|Brothers.                                   |
|[pic]                |
|[pic]             |Not far from that place is our last required observing  |
|                  |object  third Cock  St. Jacobs Church witch was first|
|                  |mentioned in 1226. Altar part is all what was preserved |
|                  |from the original building in quite a good state. In the|
|                  |15-th century the church was reconstructed to a         |
|                  |considerable extent. In 1480 the church obtained the    |
|                  |clock-chime. To hear it better the clock-chime was      |
|                  |placed in churchs middle part outside the spire covered|
|                  |by a small roof. The church acquired its present view   |
|                  |after reconstruction in 1756.                           |

 At 15:00 we will have an Italian dinner at restaurant Monterosso.
|[pic]                         |

We hope you are enjoying pastime
in Riga.