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Топик по английскому (My native town)

                               My native town.

                 I live in Tomsk. It is not very large town, but it is nice
    and very beautiful. Tomsk is also called Siberian Athens, there are
    mach academic institutions and high educational universities in Tomsk.
    Above all, there is a special scene, which is called Academ Town. That
    is why Tomsk is often called a student’s town. In fact, there are 6
    high educational universities there and also many institutions.
                As for sights, there are many monuments in Tomsk. Among
    them is Lagerniy Sad. The monument to soldiers to have been died during
    the Second World War. As far as I know, next year is anniversary of our
    town. It will be 400 years old. Besides, the central street of our town
    is beautifully decorated with red, white and yellow tulips. It makes
    our town very beautiful and nice.
              In a conclusion I should say that there is no place like your

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